The Afroprint Line Trading CC has launched its Project Roll-A-Dice show to promote Namibia and Africa's culture as well as creative knowledge through captivating music entertainment.

Project Roll-A-Dice aims to innovate Swift 30, a game show that is evolving from its origin as a board game.

The game show's primary focus is to showcase Namibia's rich and diverse culture through engaging entertainment trivia.

In collaboration with local creative and cultural experts, Swift 30 seeks to provide viewers with an educational experience.

The founder of Swift 30, Ndeshi Fikameni, says the game show is set to release five episodes, each lasting twenty-six minutes, with contestants participating.

Fimaneka says viewers can look forward to witnessing the contestants' depth of knowledge on culture and their quest to be crowned Swift winners.

The game is similar to the popular 30 Seconds board game, with local content such as questions about Namibian music, food, famous people, places, and languages, among others.

The show will be available on streaming options such as YouTube and the Swift online platform.



Lucia Nghifindaka