The film is part of the thirteen films by Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) and Multi-Choice Namibia.

"The Goal" film premiered on KykNET and DSTV.

The crew gathered at the Goethe-Institut to witness the premiere of the film.

The film tells the story of a talented young footballer from an underprivileged background who puts her scholarship at risk when she tries to fit in at a private school.

Otja Kooper, who played the lead character, sat with nbc.

Kooper has been acting since pre-primary and says the opportunity to play the lead in a continental film has challenged her acting career, and she hopes for more opportunities.

The mother of the actress emphasised the importance of parental support for their children who want to pursue a career in art, even though the industry does not always look promising.

The producer of the film, Mpingana Dax, says the nbc and Multi-Choice Namibia provided a platform to showcase their creative ideas and stories on a large scale.

She hopes to see more females taking up space in the Namibian film industry.

"It is nice to see that there are women in decision-making and executive positions in filmmaking. I hope in the future we have more women getting into the technical aspect of filmmaking."



Selima Henock