The National Assembly has rejected a third Private Members Bill in two weeks by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani.

Lately, the official opposition leader has been tabling bills on various issues of national concern.

Yesterday's motion aims to recognise, promote, and protect the rights and interests of marginalised communities.

The Rights and Interests of Marginalised Communities' Private Member Bill is the third to be rejected by the majority MPs in the current session.

Earlier on, Venaani tabled a motion to regulate the provision of free sanitary materials to the needy schoolgirls.

Another one was the recognition of the Baster Traditional Authority within Namibia, which also suffered a blow.

The latest Private Member Bill that aims to promote the recognition, promotion, and protection of the rights and interests of marginalised communities in the country has also suffered the same fate as the first two.

The bill was meant to, among other things, encourage the inclusion and participation of marginalised communities in the education and economic mainstream and create frameworks for capacity-building and integration programmes.

Venaani has, however, been successful with tabling motions, three of which were passed.

These were the motions to rename the Buitepos Border Post to Ludwig Kanduketu Stanley Border Post, the construction of an everlasting shrine at Vaalgras for Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi, and another one addressing the high rate of open defecation.



Serafia Nadunya