The Namibia Film Commission is conducting its first ever screen and film production workshop in the Kavango East Region. 

The two-week workshop is aimed at equipping regional script writers, directors, camera operators, and production editors with the necessary knowledge and skills to independently produce films. 

The workshop is led by film producer and director Caleb Cindano.

"It's nice to have a mix of different people who then all work together, and together we also write our own short story, which we all plan and do on a story board together, film together, then act on it together, and edit together. So by the end of the workshop, they are completely equipped, either as a solo person or as a group, to start doing film and video production and just get out there and tell their stories."

Through this workshop, the Commission hopes to empower and encourage regionally enthusiastic film makers.

Here is what some participants had to say.

"I have been exposed to good knowledge and skills about script writing, short films, video directing, and many other things. We have been taught more than we were expecting; I'm happy for the workshop," says Muhikila Biola. 

Jeremia Moses hopes that with this acquired knowledge, she will be able to create many short films showcasing our beautiful country. "Additionally, I hope we will continue to get assistance from the Namibia Film Commission and others in the industry so that everything that we learned during the workshop does not go in vain."

The short films produced during the workshop will be played at the upcoming Rundu Annual Trade Fair.

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