The Walvis Bay State Hospital has received medical equipment worth N$1.1 million through the China-Africa Paired Hospital Co-operation Mechanism.

Patients at the Walvis Bay State Hospital were always referred to Windhoek for CT scans.

The equipment received through the China-Africa Paired Hospital Co-operation Mechanism ensures, among others, that patients receive the service locally.

Moreover, the project supports the establishment of a high-care unit.

The Chinese government has been sending medical teams to Africa for the past 60 years, and Namibia started benefiting from this programme in 1996.

Sixty doctors and nurses have been sent ever since.

The Director of Zhejiang Province Health Commission says the China-Africa Paired Hospital Programme was proposed in 2020 by the Chinese President, and Namibia is one of the countries that secured a spot. 

It was revealed that 20 doctors serve about 100,000 patients at the Walvis Bay State Hospital. Through the project, four specialists in respiratory diseases and intensive care will be brought in to boost capacity.

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Renate Rengura