Three minor boys from Mbarakarungu Village in Botswana's Chobe District, bordering Namibia's Zambezi Region, strayed into the Kweha cattle post in Linyanti Area while playing on Friday.

The children, aged five, six, and eleven, moved into Namibia without realising that they had crossed the border.

The Chobe River, which forms the border, is dry.

Relatives from the village tracked the children on Saturday, locating them at a cattle post on the Namibian side, where they were accommodated by cattle herders and farmers.

The lost children were reported to the police and brought to Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region, where they were taken back to Botswana through the Ngoma Border Post on Monday.

Zambezi Governor, Alufea Sampofu, while addressing the children and their relatives, reminded them that Batswana and Namibians who live along the borderline are one people.

Sampofu said that as one people, they need to work together as family and help out one another.

The uncle of the children, Lukas Kachana, appreciated the courtesy they were accorded by the leadership and people who assisted them in finding the children.

Kachana said he was short on words and thankful that the children and those who tracked them were fed and given all the support they needed.

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