President Nangolo Mbumba has applauded Germany's commitment to the realisation of the Green Hydrogen project and programme in Namibia. 

Dr. Mbumba met with the Energy Envoy of Germany, Rainer Baake, at State House.

The German government has been supporting Namibia's Green Hydrogen programme through funding for private companies to develop projects in different parts of the country.

One such is the company HyIron, established through a partnership of Namibian and German companies that work in the field of renewable energies and engineering. 

Baake and a delegation visited the Kunene region this week, where HyIron intends to set up a facility to process iron ore in a bid to contribute to the global de-carbonisation agenda.

"There was, of course, an interest. When and where will the project have to be shown? Obviously, if you want to reduce iron ore with the help of hydrogen and produce a valuable product, then you have to go close to the deposits, and there is going to be a process now for identifying possible sites, and everything else comes afterwards," said Baake.

Namibia's Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe, also attended the meeting, saying that "all of this will have to be done in consultation with the people of Opuwo, so this is why Hylron visited the governor. The Green Hydrogen programme is looking to provide resources, whether technical or financial, to do a strategic environmental and social assessment of the area in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. In doing that, we will identify how some of these assets can be brought together to uplift the economic potential of that region."

Hylron is currently operating a green iron mine near Arandis.

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