The High Court has postponed the delivery of judgement in an application by individuals implicated in Namibia's largest fishing industry corruption scandal, known as the Fishrot scandal.

The applicants, including James Hatuikulipi and Tamson Hatuikulipi, sought the release of frozen assets to cover legal expenses in their defence against charges related to the scandal.

The applicants, represented by advocate Vas Soni, argued for the release of funds, citing the need for adequate legal representation. 

They contended that the frozen assets were necessary to cover legal expenses as they faced charges in the Fishrot scandal.

However, Mariette Boonzaier, representing the Prosecutor General, opposed the application, arguing that the applicants had not met the preconditions laid down by the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA).

Boonzaier highlighted the applicants' alleged non-disclosure of their true financial position, which she claimed prevented the court from making findings necessary for the release of assets.

The High Court, after hearing arguments from both sides, decided to postpone the judgement to August 9, 2024, for further consideration.

This delay allows for additional time to review the case and make a comprehensive decision regarding the release of funds for legal expenses.

The Fishrot scandal, which came to light in 2019, involved allegations of bribery and corruption in Namibia's fishing industry, implicating high-profile individuals and entities.


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Daniel Nadunya