The former Regional Manager for nbc's Nwanyi FM radio, Muhau Mutonga, was buried today in her home village of Malindi in Kabbe South Constituency.

68-year-old Mutonga, who retired eight years ago, served the corporation for 30 years.

Mutonga joined the Lozi Service, as it was known at the time, as a cadet producer and translator in October 1986, before being promoted to producer in 1995 at the same radio station.

She went through all the ranks until she was promoted to the position of regional manager until her retirement in 2016.

Nwanyi FM Manager, Masilaleti Mafale, described Mutonga not only as a soft-spoken leader who loved her work and addressed situations professionally, but as a great mentor and a quality-driven leader who always wanted the best in programme production.

Her message was read on her behalf by the media planner, Simataa Buchane.

Her children and grandchildren described her not only as a mother but also as a friend who instilled in them the norms and values of the family.

She is survived by her husband, Joel, four children, eight grandchildren, and one grandchild.

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