The Central Procurement Board of Namibia has flagged construction, security services, and cleaning companies as among those not adhering to labour law's minimum wage provision and also exploiting workers.

This the board has identified through its implemented monitoring and site supervision measures to ensure that companies doing business with it through bidding tenders are adhering to the labour laws.

There have been disturbing reports of some contractors who secure tenders running into millions, but still exploit workers by paying them peanuts, coupled with harsh working conditions while the contractor lives an extravagant lifestyle.

In this regard, the Central Procurement Board has decided to be a watchdog during its site visits and inspections and ensure fairness as far as workers wellbeing is concerned.

Previous visits and inspections discovered that some contractors are underpaying their workers and have no regard for labour standards.

To this end, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the board, Amon Ngavetene, says the board has been making an impact by ensuring that contractors adhere to the Labour Act.

The contract signed stipulates that workers on site are paid every month in accordance with the minimum wage as well as equipped with the necessary protective clothing.

“When we go on site and visit all these sites for various procurement projects, they engage the employer and engage the workers separately, and we are able to get this kind of feedback. When we come back, we ensure there is enforcement. We write back to the bidder and say, Upon our visit to your site, we have picked up the following issues, and we expect you to comply.”

Once given the notice to comply, the board will then give the bidder at least two months to rectify the identified labour law transgressions and provide the necessary proof of compliance.

This, he said, partly addressed the plight of the workers and contributed to ensuring fair working conditions.

Non-compliance with labour standards is mostly found in construction, security services, and cleaning companies.

The Central Procurement Board is urging its clients to respect labour laws and the rights of workers.



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