Walvis Bay is battling to maintain its roads and the high volume of international traffic, including trucks, transporting goods increases on the harbor town's roads.

This was highlighted by the town's Mayor, Trevino Forbes, during Council's first ordinary meeting.

 Forbes says the high volumes of international traffic, including heavy trucks, transporting goods have contributed to the roads being damaged. 

However, he says the burden of road maintenance and repair falls on the shoulders of the town's ratepayers.  

N$19 million is budgeted for road maintenance and rehabilitation of 60 road sections totaling close to 50 kilometers for the 2022-2023 financial year.

"In a meeting held with RFA regarding their coming on board and increasing the funding for the road maintenance that they currently give the council, N$6.7 million, RFA accepted the responsibility to rehabilitate the poor road by budgeting N$248 million for the next year.

On land delivery, Walvis Bay's council and management discussed the framework to relocate the first 50 beneficiaries to Farm 37.

"As we are now committed to moving people to Farm 37, it might be a good time for the council to consider making moves to establish a council-owned brick-making factory, which will supply bricks to our residents at affordable rates."

The Mayor urged fellow councilors to play their part in assisting residents to restore their dignity.

He also urged councillors to put the interest of the residents on top of their political differences.



Stefan Uirab