Namibia attends World Hydrogen 2024 Summit and Expo


The Namibian delegation to the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit and Exhibition will focus on key strategic areas of skills development for locals and off-take support mechanisms for green hydrogen.

The Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnuype, outlined these and other activities of the delegation for the week ahead in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the host of the Hydrogen Summit.

More than 15,000 delegates from the public and private sectors across the world are confirmed to attend the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit and Exhibition.

Germany backs Enertag's Hyphen Green Hydrogen Project


The German government has presented a letter of intent to Enertag, a global renewable energy company, confirming the suitability of the Hyphen Green Hydrogen Project as a designated strategic foreign undertaking.

The strategic foreign project designation for the US$10 billion project renders it eligible to receive targeted support.

Strategic foreign project designation is a status reserved for high-priority global projects of strategic interest to Germany.

Namibia invited to join International Hydrogen Trade Forum


Namibia is accorded an opportunity to contribute to the global collaboration agenda for advancing the green hydrogen ecosystem following an invitation to join the International Hydrogen Trade Forum.

Namibia is a member of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum through the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme, spearheaded by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The forum is imperative for high-level discussions between importing and exporting nations, ensuring the development of global trade corridors for hydrogen and its derivatives.

Namibians to enjoy Green Hydrogen Project benefits


All Namibians will enjoy the opportunities and benefits of the Green Hydrogen Project, as outlined in the Socio-Economic Development framework.

The framework was recently launched by the government in collaboration with the Hyphen Green Hydrogen Project.

The Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe, expressed these sentiments during the one-day stakeholders' engagement conference on climate financing.

The framework will focus on employment, skill development, and local procurement to ensure that locals fill more than 90% of the required workforce.

Parliamentary Standing Committee declines a virtual presentation by Green Hydrogen Commissioner


The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources, in its engagement with GIZ, the German Agency for International Development, has declined a virtual presentation by Green Hydrogen Commissioner James Mnyupe.

The committee had an engagement with GIZ management and consultants on the rollout of green hydrogen, and Mnyupe was to give a presentation on the program he is heading from State House.

Mnyupe is currently on a work assignment in Japan and wanted to do his presentation online, but the Committee would rather wait for him to return and do it in person.

Daures Green Hydrogen Village stakeholders called to uplift community


The Daures Daman Traditional Authority Chief Sakarias Seibeb has called on the Daures Green Hydrogen Village stakeholders to ensure that the project uplifts their community. 

"Many times projects come to areas and set up when the project wants to land or support they say all the right things. After the project commences, we sometimes do not hear from the initial people, who applied and made promises and commitments" he added.

The Daures Green Hydrogen Village CEO says the community is considered one of the key partners of the project.