Namibia complaint with environmental laws in oil and gas exploration


The Minister of Mines and Energy says Namibia complies with environmental laws in the process of oil and gas exploration.

Tom Alweendo was responding to questions about environmental destruction during exploration at the Namibia International Energy Conference in Windhoek.

Minister Alweendo says those who speak about environmental destruction are always speaking from their comfort zone without knowing the reality on the ground.

While adhering to environmental laws, the country, he says, seeks to better the lives of its people through the discovery of oil and gas.

Namibia deserves unforced transition to renewable energy - Alweendo


As Namibia positions itself to be a major oil and gas producer, Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo is encouraging investments to mutually benefit both Namibians and investors.

Addressing the Namibia International Energy Conference in Windhoek, Alweendo expressed confidence in Namibia's potential investment returns.

Namibia is evaluating the commercial viability of oil and gas discoveries that could transform Namibia's economy through its energy revolution.