Ministry of Mines and Energy focuses on accelerating mineral discoveries


The Ministry of Mines and Energy has vowed to continue conducting due diligence on the applications for new exclusive prospecting licenses (EPLs) and the mining work programme.

Minister Tom Alweendo says this process would ensure that actual exploration takes place and avoid delays in the discovery of minerals.

Currently, the Minerals Act requires EPL holders to possess proven knowledge and money to be able to carry out exploration.

EPL holders are further required to submit a detailed three-year work programme with their applications.

Namibia invited to join International Hydrogen Trade Forum


Namibia is accorded an opportunity to contribute to the global collaboration agenda for advancing the green hydrogen ecosystem following an invitation to join the International Hydrogen Trade Forum.

Namibia is a member of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum through the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme, spearheaded by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The forum is imperative for high-level discussions between importing and exporting nations, ensuring the development of global trade corridors for hydrogen and its derivatives.

Regional leaders emphasise household electrification as vital for poverty alleviation


For the past 34 years, rural electrification in the Kavango East Region has mostly targeted public institutions instead of households. 

The regional leadership says it's about time to shift focus to households in rural areas, where some have been without electricity since independence. 

This was among the deliberations that took place during the discussion between representatives of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Kavango Regional Council on the question of rural electrification. 

Xingfeng investment under surveillance


Unprocessed lithium ore belonging to Xingfeng Investment, estimated to be about 90,000 metric tonnes, has been deposited at the Walvis Bay harbour in the past week.

This is despite the Ministry of Mines and Energy indicating that Xingfeng does not possess a removal or transport permit for lithium.

When nbc News arrived at the Walvis Bay port, a heap of unprocessed lithium ore estimated to be about 90,000 metric tonnes was visible.

Government lobbies private sector for mining investment


The Namibian government will continue to lobby the private sector for investment in the mining sector.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, says this is because of the risk factors involved and the capital required.

Addressing the two-day Mining Expo and Conference in Windhoek, Alweendo said mine exploration alone costs hundreds of millions of dollars, something the state cannot afford.

And exploration alone does not guarantee any return on investment.

Alweendo says Namibian resources need to benefit Namibians


Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo has reiterated that all natural resources belong to Namibians and need to be harnessed in order to benefit all.

Alweendo said this during an open discussion on the discovery of oil and gas in the ||Kharas Region.

Alweendo was responding to questions and comments during the meeting with regional leaders, traditional authorities, captains of industry, and the general public on the discovery of nearly 500 million barrels of oil in the region.

Namibian government supports local investors participation in the Energy sector


The Namibian government will continue to encourage and support local investors to actively participate in the energy sector.

This was reiterated by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, at an information-sharing session at Keetmanshoop on the discovery of oil in the ||Kharas Region.

Alweendo says the discovery of oil offshore the Namibian southern coast—estimated at between 300 and 400 million barrels—and its successful development hold direct and indirect benefits for Namibians.

LPM leader appeals to Alweendo to prosecute Xinfeng Investment


Landless People's Movement (LPM) Leader Bernadus Swaartbooi has appealed to the Mines and Energy Minister to consider criminal prosecution against Xinfeng Investment and the Environmental Commissioner over the alleged illegal mining operations near Uis. 

Swaartbooi says if Minister Tom Alweendo's investigation into the allegations reveals that there has been falsification of documents or a breach of law, then the two parties must be prosecuted. 

Namibians should have local ownership of investment in mining and petroleum sectors- Alweendo


The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, says there is a need to create an environment where Namibians can have local ownership of investment in the mining and petroleum sectors.

Alweendo was speaking at the Debmarine Stakeholder Breakfast Meeting in Windhoek today.

He explained that in order for Namibians to benefit economically from these sectors, it is necessary to first determine where the resources are located (exploration).