A Nigerian filmmaker says film has a way of introducing nations. Therefore, there is a need for investment in this industry.

Dr. Williams Ijoma said this in an interview with nbc News.

Dr. Ijoma, who is on a familiarisation visit to Namibia for possible collaboration, visited the nbc headquarters.

He says many people know about Nigeria through film and emulate the culture through what they see in these films.

"Film has a way of naming a nation. I was shocked when I got here. People were talking about Nigerian films and food. I was shocked to see that Namibians eat Nigerian food because they have seen this in films."

Dr. Ijoma says Namibia's landscape and scenery need to be seen by the world.

He hopes for collaboration in a pan-African film.

"Namibia is a good country and has a very good environment for filming. I have seen films shot in Namibia, and the locations are quite inviting. And I think we have talent here in Namibia."

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Selima Henock