The Dome Brain Gym, in close collaboration with MTC Dome's High-Performance department, is dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical capabilities of athletes.

By leveraging the principles of neuroscience, their aim is to optimize athletes' performances by understanding how the nervous system influences emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and critical bodily functions.

The Brain Gym conducts assessments to evaluate an individual's cognitive ability and Neuro-agility, focusing on the efficiency and functionality of the brain and nervous system in conjunction with the rest of the body.

Based on the results of these assessments, tailored sessions are designed to improve various aspects of brain functioning and efficiency.

Through these targeted sessions, athletes can enhance their focus, attention span, concentration, information tracking, and the ability to retain and recall information specifically within their sport.

The benefits of engaging in brain training from a young age are also emphasized, as it facilitates overall growth and progress.

At the Brain Gym, sessions are viewed as continuous evaluations to ensure optimal cognitive functioning. By prioritizing the mental health and capabilities of athletes, the dedicated team at the Dome Brain Gym aims to support athletes in reaching their full potential and achieving peak performance.

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