The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, has explained that the Namibian government's commitment to disburse funding for veterans' projects is hampered by the constraints imposed by limited resources.

He was addressing the challenges impeding the progress of project funding in response to questions from Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Elma Dienda during a parliamentary session.

Kapofi recalled the recent parliamentary approval of the budget, which included provisions to fund projects for veterans.

"The question you are asking is a common question... We have been paying, but we are not able to do that as soon as we want to because of our resource limitations."

The Minister emphasised the commitment to prioritise those who initiated the programme, ensuring that early applicants receive prompt attention. 

He noted successes in covering elder veterans but acknowledged the challenge presented by the continuous increase in the veteran population.

Despite their best efforts, the minister admitted that complete coverage remained an uphill task.

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Serafia Nadunya