Residents of Omega 3 in the Zambezi Region have expressed their intention to apply to become part of the Kavango Region.

This decision stems from their dissatisfaction with the local leadership's alleged failure to address the community's development needs.

During the demonstration, community members highlighted years of neglect and a lack of essential services, despite repeated complaints to regional authorities.

"We, the community of Omega 3 and the entire San community in Bwabwata, part of the Zambezi Region, feel abandoned. We have been raising our concerns and needs since 2002, but the government and our regional leaders have not responded to our requests.We lack electricity, hindering our learners from accessing what the government deems inclusive education.Our school lacks a fence, forcing our children to sleep in tents that expose them to the dangers of wild animals like lions, buffalos, and hyenas.We have no clinic or healthcare services, compelling us to travel 55 kilometres to Kongola or Chetto for medical assistance.The high-speed internet cable passes through our area, but we are unable to access the internet."

The school hostel, under construction for years, still lacks water and electricity, forcing learners to walk long distances to and from school.

The Ndoro Memorial Combined School's hostel, currently unoccupied, accommodates 320 students and provides housing for four teachers.

"San students struggle to pass grade 11 due to the challenges we face. Imagine walking 20 kilometres to attend classes, missing the first two periods. This situation hinders our academic progress. We have the right as Namibian citizens to seek assistance. Please open our hostel, which has remained closed for nine years, since I was in grade four."

"We face numerous challenges at this school: inadequate water supply, lack of toilets, and theft and destruction of food by dogs. We appeal to the government for help, as sleeping in tents denies us a proper sleeping environment."

In 2022, the school ranked second in the region for grade 11 performance but dropped to 10th place last year.

"We hereby notify the government and Zambezi regional leadership of our intention to request to join the Kavango region."

They have declared that the school will remain closed until their demands are addressed.

The community headman received the petition on behalf of the constituency councillor. 

The Education Director for the Zambezi Region, Josty Kawana, explained that the electrification of the classrooms falls under the jurisdiction of the regional council.

Kawana stated that he and the governor engaged with the community on this matter last year.

Additionally, he mentioned that the education directorate has allocated N$482,000 to replace the old solar panels, which ceased functioning due to lightning strikes.

Kawana further stated that they have already enlisted a contractor to address this issue.

Furthermore, Kawana clarified that the unoccupied hostel, which is currently over 90 percent complete, is a joint project between the education ministry and the national planning commission. He mentioned that a tender has been awarded to a contractor for the installation of electrical and water services. Kawana expressed hope that if all goes well, the hostel will officially open for learners in the second school term or by January next year if there are any delays.

At the regional level, Kawana mentioned that the directorate has nearly acquired all the required beds, mattresses, and lockers for the hostel.

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