At least 30 schools in Windhoek celebrated World Earth Day with a call to action to protect the environment and the world.

The celebration of Earth Day holds significance as Namibia is known for its unique ecosystems.

This year, the day was celebrated under the theme Planet vs. Plastics.

Enviromentalist Fransina Kalumbu pointed out the importance of acknowledging environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

"As we come together to celebrate Earth Day, is it essential to reflect on the vital role of environmentalists in preserving and protecting our planet? Not only locally but globally too. Earth Day is a reminder of our collective responsibility to honour it and those who get to live on this earth."

The Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, Julia Muyunda, highlighted the crucial role of protecting the country's natural heritage for future generations.

"I urge each of you to unite in a collective pledge to join the realisation of the suggested implementation strategies in adopting these strategies that play a crucial role in educating the future generation about the importance of protecting and reserving the eco system there by contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and promoting a more sustainable future for all."

Environmental Education and Awareness Officer in the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Hiskia Tyapa, highlighted the urgent need for sustainable practices in the environmental sector to ensure a healthy planet.

Tyapa also stressed the role of learners in preserving the earth's natural resources and combating a clean environment at all times. 

"It cannot be denied that our natural environment is important to our learners and the general public. So you should know  more about environmental management."

Learners of different primary and high schools across the city marched from the Snyman Cycle to Jan Mohr Secondary School to participate in various eco-friendly activities such as tree planting, clean-ups, and awareness about sustainability.



Maria Kaalushu