A darts player based in Walvis Bay is dedicating his spare time to coaching individuals of all ages who are interested in taking up the sport of darts. The Dart Clinic opened its doors in April to individuals of all ages and genders, offering a comprehensive approach to dart playing. Rooted in game principles, the clinic not only enhances skills but also instills values such as self-respect and respect for fellow competitors.

Moreover, the training sessions contribute to mental acuity, aiding in mathematical proficiency and overall cognitive strength. The mission extends beyond skill development and strives to nurture a community of athletes, regardless of age, who embody the essence of the sport. Notably, the Dart Clinic operates as a non-profit organization, prioritizing the growth and development of the sport within the city of Walvis Bay.

By offering opportunities for individuals to learn, practice, and excel in dart playing, the clinic plays a crucial role in fostering a community of dart enthusiasts and enhancing the popularity of the sport on a broader scale.

During yesterday's clinic, two young individuals shared their reasons for joining the clinic. Coach Lyndon Green emphasized that the clinic aims to cultivate sportsmanship among participants of all ages and genders, providing a platform for healthy competition and camaraderie. The Darts Clinic is dedicated to promoting the expansion of the sport, reaching both urban and rural areas to ensure accessibility and opportunities for enthusiasts.



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Trimo Herbst


Trimo Herbst