The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has started scouting for vehicles to be used in the November national elections.

The exercise, which started on Wednesday, saw a larger number of private vehicle owners turn up at the Otjomusie Police Station for inspection and testing. 

The Manager of Communications and Marketing at the ECN, De Wet Siluka, says the commission needs 997 vehicles to effectively and efficiently carry out the voting exercise.

The testing and inspection of the vehicles will run until May 17th.

The |Khomas Region will receive more vehicles, 138 out of 997.

"In Khomas Region, we have tested over 170 vehicles so far, and I think it's just about 11:20, but we still expect a lot of cars to come in the morning. If you were here, the queue was quite long. Quite a number of drivers brought their cars for inspections, but we really want to commend the members of the Nampol Traffic Department for their effectiveness in terms of inspection and testing of these vehicles. As they managed to test about 170 vehicles in less than 3 hours, it is really commendable. The testing and inspection will continue tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so those who are willing to bring their cars in can still do so. The testing station is at Otjomuise in Khomas Region, and the regional police station is as indicated in the public notice across the country." 

The requirements are that a vehicle should not be older than 10 years and must be a single or double cab, two-by-four, or four-by-four with a canopy.

The vehicle also needs to be roadworthy; no stickers, slogans, or colours bearing messages from political parties, religious groups, or business institutions are allowed. 

Its tyres must not be older than five years. 

All vehicles are expected to undergo inspection and roadworthy testing to be carried out by the Police Traffic Unit at the designated police stations across the country.

The general registration of the voters is scheduled to be conducted from the 3rd of next month to the 1st of August.

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July Nafuka