The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture says there has been a misunderstanding regarding term-end school assessment in the Oshana Region. 

In a statement, its Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp, clarified that the assessments will continue without interruptions. 

Steenkamp added that information circulating on social media is an internal memo diverting from the school policy that prescribes first-semester end-of-term tests and not a circuit-based examination.
She says the ministry has adopted a two-semester school calendar, which was introduced for learners' health and safety during the winter. 

As part of this system, the continuous assessment record sheets are also adjusted to two-semester reports, where junior primary from Grades 0–3 assessment is based on continuous assessment records.

'The senior primary from grades 4–7 and junior secondary from grades 8–9 write a school-based end-of-term test series and not examinations to allow continuation of teaching and learning. 

All the learners will receive their report on the last day of the term, she added.

The ministry has also indicated that it has already disbursed funds to 1,322 schools, with the remaining transfers to 438 schools on course.

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July Nafuka