The Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on July 2.

This was announced by their spokesperson, Dorothea Nangolo, in an interview with Good Morning Namibia.

Nangolo reflected on some of their accomplishments over the last 40 years, taking pride in their ability to evolve and consistently fight for free education.

They will also be hosting the 18th National Student Congress on the same day, where they will elect new leadership.

Nangolo says that as of June 1, they have established regional conferences across all 14 regions and have 270 branches in schools and institutions throughout the country.

"As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we will also be having a gala dinner with our veterans, the leadership of the country, and industry captains. Primarily with the aim of raising funds towards our fight for free higher education. As we've mentioned, our fight now is to ensure that every student has access to higher education. So we will be raising funds as well towards the possibility of showing that there are enough funds to support students."

NANSO is also currently running a campaign called Polling Pioneers, where they are taking a digital approach to engage with the youth to educate them about the importance of their vote and make voting more fun and exciting.

Nangolo says voting is not just a right but a civic responsibility, adding that they will only see their visions and aspirations come to light if they practice their democratic right to vote.

She says it is the only way to shape the country's administration and leadership,  adding that this is a chance for the youth to put those in power who will carry out their best interests.

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