The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Emma Theofelus, says the engagement with public sector communicators and information sharing session held at Opuwo are meant to accelerate information dissemination between institutions of government and communities.

Theofelus urged the public to ensure that they visit the stands to be empowered with the right information and be up-to-date with government programmes.

She stressed that interactions between government and its people remain critical in ensuring that government remains up-to-date with the needs and challenges of its people to make informed decisions.

"I am confident that this public information sharing session will be a significant step towards achieving our goals of improved governance, enhanced service delivery, and stronger public trust. We want you as citizens to trust our government when we give you services and that we are working in your best interest, and we can only do that if we are working together."

The Kunene Governor, Marius Sheya, has implored the communications specialists to ensure that they provide the necessary information to the public to understand their various mandates and how they can benefit from them.

"It is very important as communicators that you have patience and that you can communicate with people in their vernaculars so that they understand our slogan, which is that we are Namibians and we are proud to be Namibians."

Communication practitioners from various ministries, agencies, regional and local authorities, and public enterprises are attending training with the aim of propelling them towards effective communication and enhancing service delivery as per the government communication strategy.

The Secretary of Cabinet, Dr. George Simataa, reiterated the importance of public communication towards a healthy democratic society that fosters trust amongst communities.

"I am trying to demonstrate the importance of communication and the role you play in governance. If you don't take your job seriously, there will be serious problems for your citizens. You are the communicators, and you are the ones that should communicate more efficiently and effectively."

The engagement ends on Friday. 

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Ndapanda Shuuya