Sadia Brendell

Qualifications: Her qualifications include a Bachelors of Administrations degree (Accounting) from the University of Namibia (1999), a National Diploma Public Administration (Accounting) from the Technicon of Namibia (1989). Brendell is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Business Leadership through the Regent Business School and is about to complete her ICSA charted accreditation.
Career and Experience: Brendell’s career spans over a period of 28 years in Auditing and Finance. She held various positions at the Polytechnic of Namibia ranging from Assistant Bursar, Bursar and Chief Financial Officer (1998-2012). She was also employed in the office of the Auditor General and her duties were vested in the positions of Assistant Auditor, Auditor and Chief Auditor (1989-1998). In addition to her executive experience, she also served on Boards amongst which she was a board member of NamibRe and a Trustee board member of the ReDiamond Fund.