Team Namibia leaves for the Para World Championships in Japan with much hope


A team of 25 Namibian delegates, comprising athletes, coaches, and guides, has travelled to Japan to take part in a qualifying event for the Paris Olympic Games.

The event starts on May 17th and runs until May 25th.

A group of 25 Paralympic athletes left last weekend to compete at the 11th edition of the World Championship, which serves as a qualifying platform for the Paralympics.

Over 1,000 athletes from more than one hundred nations are set to compete in 168 medal events taking place in Kobe, Japan.

Dispute over unity in Namibia Paralympic Committee


Tensions within the Namibia Paralympic Committee (NPC) have come to the forefront, with NPC Treasurer Jean-Paul Schmidt challenging Secretary General Michael Hamukwaya's claims of unity within the organization.

Despite Hamukwaya's recent affirmations of cohesion, allegations of internal conflict persist within the NPC. Schmidt, a key figure within the Executive Committee, presents a contrasting viewpoint, highlighting discord and governance issues within the committee.

National Para-Athletes to compete in South Africa


Earlier today the National Para-athletics team was given an official sent-off to participate in this year's South Africa Sports Association for Physically Disabled championship. Our reporter Erickson Tapiso has all the details.

A total of 34 para-athletes left the country today to participate in the South Africa Sport for Physically Disabled Championship in Cape Town.

This important competition will see the national Para-athletics team compete against the best in South Africa and other African countries for rankings.

Release funds early to prepare adequately - Hamukwaya


With a hectic sporting calendar awaiting para-athletes, the secretary general of the Namibia Paralympics Committee, Michael Hamukwaya, has appealed for an early release of the required funds for athletes to start with timely preparations.

The local sporting calendar for Namibian para-athletes is set to kick off this weekend at the coast, with a track and field competition. Meanwhile, the first international event is scheduled for March in South Africa, where the South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled competition will take place.