Angolan children in Namibia’s corridors under discussion


Namibia's Ambassador to Angola, Patrick Nandago, says the issues of the alleged Angolan children roaming around the streets of Windhoek and the northern parts of the country are a security concern.

Ambassador Nandago noted that the issue is being discussed by both countries to establish their origins and find a lasting solution.

Opuwo hosts discussion on creating a lucrative livestock market for communal farmers


A roundtable discussion under the theme "creation of a lucrative livestock market for farmers in the communal areas" was held at Opuwo in the Kunene Region.

The meeting, which was organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, was attended by communal farmers from the region to discuss how they can acquire a reliable livestock marker for their animals to derive income from their livestock.

Kunene is one of the vast regions in Namibia, and for the past seven to eleven years, the region has failed to get sufficient rainfall.