Lupita Nyong'o celebrates women in diamond industry


The Global Ambassador for Natural Diamonds, Lupita Nyong'o, expressed admiration for the role women play in the diamond industry. 

The Kenyan-Mexican actress was speaking at an exclusive dinner extraordinaire in Windhoek. 

Academy Award-winning actress Nyong'o is on a visit to Namibia in her role as the Global Ambassador for De Beers' Natural Diamonds. 

She stars in De Beers' new brand campaign, De Beers: Where It Begins, which highlights the journey of diamonds from their discovery as rough stones to their transformation into fine jewellery.

NFCPT partners with SMEs to boost fish distribution


The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) has embarked on an innovative strategy to enhance fish distribution across the country. 

The trust has signed contracts with 13 small and medium enterprises to facilitate the distribution of fish to consumers at affordable prices.

The 13 SMEs, selected from a pool of trained entrepreneurs, are part of a 6-month Distribution Agency Pilot Project. 

This project marks a shift in the trust's approach, aiming to collaborate with stakeholders in the fish distribution sector rather than competing with them.

Connect Africa app well received by individuals with disabilities


Connect Africa, a mobile and web application designed to empower individuals with disabilities, has been well received.

The app was launched two years ago and, so far, has more than 150 subscribers.

In an interview with nbc News, Connect Africa Founder Timoteus Nangombe says the app empowers visually and hearing-impaired people to access information on their own.

4x4 initiative empowers boy child


The 4x4 Initiative engaged boys between the ages of 12 and 21 about their role in society, aiming to educate them on values, encourage them to speak up, manage conflict, and gain communication skills.

The initiative seeks to nurture boys into responsible men, with the founder, Sidney Boois, stating that it aims to uplift the spirit of ubuntu amongst men and reduce gender-based violence in the country.

Empowering the boy child


Life skills teacher Pedro Kapirika says society has been so focused on uplifting the girl child that the boy child is left feeling neglected.

The teacher from Jacob Marengo visited Rundu in an effort to uplift some boys.

There was a time when the focus was solely on men.

This led to women and girl empowerment initiatives all over, but the end result is that the boychild is now feeling left out, says Kapirika.

NFC empowers film producers


The Namibia Film Commission is conducting its first ever screen and film production workshop in the Kavango East Region. 

The two-week workshop is aimed at equipping regional script writers, directors, camera operators, and production editors with the necessary knowledge and skills to independently produce films. 

The workshop is led by film producer and director Caleb Cindano.

Students, learners empowered through STEM


More than 60 students and learners from different institutions in Windhoek were empowered through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, otherwise known as STEM subjects, at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

The event, organised by Girl Up Namibia, was aimed at igniting a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among young people.

The attendees had the opportunity to interact with accomplished speakers who shared their personal journeys and insights in various STEM disciplines.

Kavango East youth attend Influential Youth Summit


Young people in the Kavango East Region have taken the initiative to start a dialogue with the goal of establishing a platform for youth empowerment.

This dialogue, known as the Influential Youth Summit, aims to inspire, motivate, and foster the sharing of ideas on how to address the issues that impact them.

The one-day summit held in Rundu successfully brought together young individuals who have entered the labour market or ventured into business.