Groot |Aub residents encouraged to speak out against GBV 


The Namibian Police urged the residents of Groot |Aub to break their silence about the increasing number of gender-based violence (GBV) cases at the settlement.

The |Khomas Regional Police commander, Commissioner Willem Steenkamp, made the call at a community meeting at Groot-Aub.

He encouraged the community to report bars that are failing to comply with the set laws of the liquor act and are not closing on time.

He also warns shebeen owners to stick to their operating times.

"Times and Life of Vekuii Rukoro" launched


A book titled "Times and Life of Vekuii Rukoro" has been officially launched in Windhoek, marking a significant tribute to the late Vekuii Rukoro's lifetime and achievements.

This biography is intended to serve as an inspiration for young Namibians, illustrating how the late Ombara Otjitambi Vekuii Rukoro ascended from the townships of Otjiwarongo's Orwetoweni and Katutura to become one of Namibia's most remarkable figures and accomplished individuals.

Windhoek Show records low attendance over weekend


No longer the only feature attraction in the country around this time, the Windhoek Agricultural, Livestock, and Motor Show is not attracting crowds comparable to its past.

Still, those who have taken the time to pop in say it remains a fun experience.

The Windhoek Show opened its gates on Saturday, billed as amusement for families and friends.

Exhibitors are offered a prime platform for showcasing their wares and services, while government agencies get to communicate their services to the public in an informal way.

St. Barnabas hall inaugurated


After operating for a century without a school hall, St. Barnabas Primary School in Katutura now boasts one.

The school hall, which was inaugurated today, was made possible through the contributions of parents, teachers, and a boost from NamPower.

The principal of St. Barnabas Primary School, Nahason Mbangura, says that a school hall is needed for various activities, as it is not only for the school but can also be used by the local community.

High school learners encouraged to stay true to themselves


High school learners are advised to always know where they are coming from, who they are, and where they want to be.

This is to enable them to handle negative peer pressure.

UNAM lecturer Kaatere Tjiharuka advised learners at an encouragement event at Concordia College organised by the Ejameno Charity Organisation.

The learners who packed the dining hall were warned against bad behaviour, to guard against GBV, and to take their education seriously.

TKCS office inaugurated


The Ministers of Transport for Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa have inaugurated the office of the Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat (TKCS) in Windhoek.

This came after the three countries signed an agreement on the development and management of the Kalahari Corridor in 2003.

The TKCS was established and housed in Windhoek, and as a stipulation for hosting the Secretariat, the Namibian government is obliged to provide an office to be used as its headquarters.

Absence of fathers a concern 


Some fathers are said to be neglecting their responsibilities due to a lack of education and life experience.

Thus, fathers are encouraged to step in and carry out their responsibilities.

To find solutions for fatherlessness in the country, the Hans Seidel Foundation organised a dialogue to discuss how the public can be educated on the importance of fathers in a child's life.

Some children are said to have fathers who are physically present but are deemed emotionally absent.

National Literary Festival launched


The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, in collaboration with the National Library and Archives, has established a platform for 74 Namibian writers aimed at nurturing a culture of writing and reading within the country.

The two entities launched the National Literary Festival to celebrate Namibian literature, stories, creativity, and the culture of reading.

The festival's purpose is to promote authors' books and foster a love of literature and writing.

Commotion breaks out at Ella du Plessis High School


A commotion broke out at Ella du Plessis High School when teachers and learners were locked outside for coming late.

Lateness is said to have been on the increase of late, prompting the principal to take this drastic action today.

When our news crew arrived at the school, we found learners and teachers gathered at the gate.

About ten teachers who were locked outside claimed that the gate closed five minutes early this morning.

Namibian Broadcasting Corporation tours Neudamm UNAM campus


Staff of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) visited the Neudamm UNAM campus outside Windhoek with the aim of fostering renewed collaborations between the two institutions.

This collaboration encompasses various areas such as research, academics, internships, and more.

During the visit, the campus showcased various activities that are conducted there, including physical examinations on animals, temperature checks, procedures for treating sick animals, and providing training to students on how to handle animals.