RA hands over infrastructure and funds to Impalila Island community


While celebrating the completion and opening of roads on Impalila Island on Thursday, the Roads Authority (RA) handed over additional infrastructure and funds to the community.

The Chief Executive Officer of the RA, Conrad Lutombi, announced that after the completion of the roads, they are now busy with the process of manufacturing a floating dock for the ferry and vehicles coming into the island, which will be installed in the next four months.

Impalila Island cries for help


The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Emma Theofelus, in response to concerns raised by residents of Impalila Island, noted that the Ministry is aware of the poor nbc reception on the island and other areas across the country.

Theofelus undertook a visit to Impalila Island to assess the situation at the nbc envisaged tower site and listen to the residents on the ground about what they were going through.

The Headwoman of Impalila Island, Kasimbi Matengu, raised concerns and hardships the people of Impalila face given the isolation of the island.

Lack of Funds Hamper Completion of Broadcasting Tower at Impalila


The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) says it is aware of the non-availability of radio and television coverage on Impalila Island and surrounding areas.

The nbc was responding to Information and Communication Technology Minister Dr Peya Mushelenga's dissatisfaction with the lack of broadcasting services on Impalila Island.

ICT Minister Dr. Mushelega disappointed with non-availability of broadcasting services in Impalila Island


The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelega, is disappointed with the non-availability of broadcasting services on Impalila Island.

This comes after a project to build a tower for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation was abandoned by the contractor more than four years ago.

Dr. Mushelenga, accompanied by the Executive Director, Dr. Audrin Mathe, and MICT staff, visited the site.

He said the absence of a tower on Impalilia Island is robbing residents of radio and television services.