The community of Otjimbingwe took to the streets of the settlement to petition for the removal of Tsoaxudama Traditional Authority Chief Josua Seibeb, who was coronated on November 12, 2022.

They want Chief Seibeb to resign to allow for the appointment or election of a leader of their choice who will listen and address their challenges.

They say that Chief Seibeb failed to render assistance and promote developmental projects that would improve the standard of living in the community.

They claim the chief does not attend community meetings to hear the plight of his people. 

"The Chief in this case, Chief Joshua Seibeb, on proper execution of your abilities, functions, and duties entitled to loyalty, honour, support, and obedience from all the Tsoaxudaman, irrespective of whether they live in the communal ground or area or outside it, as well as those who are not directly of the Tsoaxudaman origin but living in your area of jurisdiction. As of the date of your designation as the Chief of Tsoaxudaman and the entire inhabitants of this communal area, you have been given the power to execute the duties and activities according to our customary law, not other law," said Herman |Uirab, a community representative.

The community has asked for the intervention of the Council of Traditional Leaders and the Minister of Urban and Rural Development.

"We demand in strong terms that Gaob Immanuel #Nu-Axa |Gaseb, as the main witness on this agreement with immediate effect, withdraw from this agreement and nullify it. And that Hon. Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Hon. Erastus Utoni, reverse this application and de-gazette Chief Joshua Seibeb as the Chief of the Tsoaxudaman Traditional Community because this agreement has violated our customary law, but for the sake of peace and stability in our community, we have accepted this agreement, but now this agreement is causing more damage to our community."

Contacted for comment, Seibeb said he will respond to the community's demands in due course.

Otjimbingwe is a settlement in the Erongo Region with approximately 8,000 inhabitants.

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Stefan |Uirab