A community meeting held at Otjimbingwe ended prematurely after community members became physical.

This comes after Tsoaxudama Traditional Authority Chief Josua Seibeb rejected the community's request for him to step down.

The community of Otjimbingwe took to the streets last month, demanding the removal of Chief Josua Seibeb, who was coronated in 2022.

They want Chief Seibeb to resign and make way for the election of another leader, whom they claim will address their challenges.

The community claimed that Seibeb failed to render assistance, promote development, and hold community meetings. 

However, Chief Seibeb dismissed all claims made against him and his leadership.

He explained that tensions started when he requested that his leadership provide a code of conduct to establish whether they have criminal records before they are entrusted to work with the community.

Furthermore, Chief Seibeb called for unity amongst the community.

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