Namibia Professional Communicators Forum launched


The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Emma Theofelus, launched the first of its kind Namibia Professional Communicators Forum in Windhoek on Monday. 

Communication specialists from different fields gathered to witness the historic formation. 

The forum is a platform where professionals in public relations, marketing, corporate communication, academics, and students come together to learn, innovate, and collaborate. 

nbc employees donate blood


The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) had its own blood donation campaign at its headquarters in the Northern Industrial Area in Windhoek on Thursday.

This follows an appeal by the Namibia Blood Transfusion Service (NAMBTS) for the public to donate blood as NAMBTS is running low.

The Marketing Officer of the Namibia Blood Transfusion Service, Frieda Vatileni-Asino, who was present at the nbc blood donation initiative, says blood donation is an essential way of life that must be supported to make a major difference in the lives of many people. 

Africa needs 1.8 million health workers to achieve universal health coverage


For Africa to achieve universal health coverage by 2030, it will require an additional 1.8 million health workers. 

However, it is projected that the continent will have a critical shortage of a health workforce of about 6.1 million by 2030. 

The statistics were revealed at the opening of the first Africa Health Workforce Investment Forum and the launch of the Africa Health Workforce Investment Charter in Windhoek. 

Namibia complaint with environmental laws in oil and gas exploration


The Minister of Mines and Energy says Namibia complies with environmental laws in the process of oil and gas exploration.

Tom Alweendo was responding to questions about environmental destruction during exploration at the Namibia International Energy Conference in Windhoek.

Minister Alweendo says those who speak about environmental destruction are always speaking from their comfort zone without knowing the reality on the ground.

While adhering to environmental laws, the country, he says, seeks to better the lives of its people through the discovery of oil and gas.

High Court to hear arguments on recusal of Judge Moses Chinhengo


The High Court in Windhoek is set to hear arguments on Friday regarding the recusal of Zimbabwean Judge Moses Chinhengo from the ongoing Fishrot trial. 

Nigel van Wyk, a key figure in the scandal, is seeking the judge's recusal, alleging bias and fears of not receiving a fair trial.

Van Wyk's lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji, filed the notice of motion with the court, highlighting instances where they believe the judge showed bias and violated their constitutional rights. 

Namibia Archival App launched


The Namibia Archival Application was launched in Windhoek by the National Information Workers Association of Namibia (NIWAN).

The application is aimed at allowing Namibians to access Namibian documentary heritage at the click of a button.

The application seeks to transform the way the public accesses archival information from various archival institutions in Namibia.

Institutional archivists will also be trained to be able to receive and accept bookings from researchers and update 
information in their existing databases.

Windhoek schools struggle with classroom shortages


Navigating the educational landscape proves to be a formidable task, as Windhoek schools grapple with a shortage of classrooms.

With schools reaching maximum capacity, classrooms now have to accommodate between 44 to 50 learners.

In the face of this challenge, parents raised concerns, seeking answers from the Ministry of Education about the measures being taken to address this pressing issue.

Shuttle prices to back to normal


The prices charged by long-distance transport operators are expected to revert to normal tomorrow.

Normaly, if you are travelling between Windhoek and Mariental, the price of a seat is N$180; Windhoek to Karasburg costs N$450; Windhoek to Cape Town costs N$1000; while from Windhoek to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, commuters can expect to fork out N$200 and N$220, respectively.

During the festive season, however, commuters and drivers were allowed to negotiate based on their pockets.

But as of Tuesday, prices are expected to normalise.

Business for street vendors slow this festive season


Street vendors around Windhoek have expressed concern over a decline in business activity during the festive season.

Goods and services typically become cheaper during festive season as retailers offer discounted prices.

Vendors in the capital say this hardly helps their plight, as they often end up going back home without selling anything.

Customer numbers in Windhoek have dropped, as is typical over this period, as most people have either travelled back to their respective regions or gone on vacation.

Brazilian directors hosts local training for film makers


A first-ever Brazilian Film Workshop in Namibia took place in Windhoek and saw the participation of more than 40 people. The two-day film workshop was conducted by Brazilian directors Tizuka Yamasaki and Emanoel Freitas.

Films have the power to shape a narrative, retell history, or simply bring to life an idea that existed only in the mind of a filmmaker.

The two-day workshop by Tizuka Yamasaki, a renowned film director, and Emanoel Freitas, a producer from Brazil, was an insightful exercise that was appreciated by aspiring students and film makers.