Hardap farmers urged to embrace government-subsidised services


The Agriculture Extension officer based in the Hardap Region, Fabian Boys, has encouraged the region's communal and resettlement farmers to embrace government-subsidised support services aimed at boosting agricultural growth. 

Speaking to nbc News, Boys highlighted the Namibia Agricultural Mechanisation and Seed Improvement Project (NAMSIP) and urged the region's small-scale farmers to take full advantage of the project. 

NAMSIP focuses on agricultural mechanisation, livestock, and seed improvement in efforts to stimulate high-quality production. 

Naute Irrigation Farm operations halted as workers strike


Operations at the Naute Irrigation Farm outside Keetmanshoop came to a standstill after workers downed tools over a wage increase dispute. 

The workers demand a 12% wage increase for Grade A category workers, 10% for Grade B category workers, and 8% for Grade C category workers. 

Additionally, they want housing and transport allowances as well as a N$2,500 monthly wage for seasonal workers. 

On the other hand, the company offers a 5.5% increase. 

Resettled farmers use land optimally


Livestock farmer Joppie Cloete has overcome challenges and achieved great success on a resettlement farm through hard work and ingenuity.

Speaking to nbc News in an interview, Cloete explains that he diversified his operations in response to the ongoing drought conditions across the country.

In 2008, the government resettled Cloete on a 4,200-hectare farm in the Hardap Region as part of its land reform program.

Despite being a traditional livestock farmer, Cloete ventured into new areas such as piggery, poultry, horticulture, hydroponics, and dairy farming.

||Kharas residents call for realignment of constituency boundaries


Residents of ||Kharas Region have recommended that the Fifth Boundary Delimitation and Demarcation Commission realign some constituency boundaries to enhance service delivery. 

They made the proposals during the Commission's public consultations at Keetmanshoop. 

The constituency boundary changes were proposed for the Keetmanshoop Rural, Berseba, Keetmanshoop Urban, and !Nami#Nus Constituencies. 

Keetmanshoop Rotary Club launches with focus on community well-being


During the launch of the Keetmanshoop Rotary Club, Rotary District 9350 Governor Ann Wright urged fellow rotarians to contribute to the well-being of society.

Wright emphasized the core values of Rotary, focusing on key areas such as fighting diseases, supporting the environment, education, literacy, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, peace building, and conflict prevention.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Rosh Pinah residents urged to register


Swapo Party Politburo member Verna Sinimbo has urged eligible voters to register for the upcoming national and presidential elections. 

She made the call while addressing Swapo party members at Rosh Pinah in the ||Kharas Region. 

Sinimbo stressed the need for the party's supporters to unite in support of the party's presidential candidate, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, and the party's noble objectives. 

She described Nandi-Ndaitwah as a knowledgeable, tested, and trusted cadre of the party. 

Namibia holds brighter future for its people - Sinimbo


Namibia has made significant strides in various areas, including education, democracy, healthcare, and economic development since gaining independence 34 years ago.

The Deputy Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Verna Sinimbo, made these remarks while addressing residents of Oranjemund over the weekend. Deputy Minister Sinimbo further stated that Namibia has also established itself as a respected member of the international community, contributing to peacekeeping efforts and regional cooperation.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Smooth GRV process at Berseba, Soutput


Despite the low turnout of eligible voters to register for the November general elections, the process is steady at the Berseba and Soutput semi-fixed registration points in Berseba Constituency.

Team leaders Gilbert Frederick and Morris Coleman revealed this in an interview with the nbc News team.

Berseba registration point team leader Gilbert Frederick says 100 eligible voters have registered since the general registration of voters (GRV) started on Monday. 

Keetmanshoop Municipality employee demands N$1,3 million


Keetmanshoop Municipality employee Hansina Isaacks is threatening legal action after her employer failed to adjust her salary and benefits after she was promoted to a higher rank.

She argues that the unpaid salary and benefits she is entitled to amount to N$1.3 million. 

Acting on behalf of Isaacks, Kahiriri Consultancy, in a letter of demand dated June 3, demanded the municipality pay the outstanding amount within fourteen days or face legal action. 

The consultancy states that their client was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer on Grade 5 level in 2011.