The Namibian Film Commission (NFC), in partnership with Moon Valley Films, will embark on a location familiarisation tour aimed at promoting Namibia as the perfect film destination for international films.

World-renown location managers, who play a pivotal role in the selection of filming destinations, are in Namibia on a ten-day tour to familiarise themselves with the different landscapes Namibia has to offer.

The aim was also to promote Namibia as a filming destination by providing a real-life experience.

"Maybe it is time to put Namibia on the map, and instead of us going out there, let's try to bring the industry," said Andrei Tirtirau, CEO of Moon Valley Films.

The upcoming location tour will showcase the diversity Namibia has to offer.

"We are here to showcase infrastructure; we are here to showcase why Namibia should be chosen to be the next filming destination and why it should be chosen as the filming destination. We believe Namibia has a lot to offer, and the film commission has been doing amazing in promoting the country out there, and with this visit, we are really planning to showcase what Namibia has to offer."

The tour will look at the accessibility, infrastructure, and safety of the potential locations.

If Namibia is to be chosen as a film destination, local industry players also stand to benefit from the film to be made.

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Namibian Film Commission


Donald ǂKariseb