Ohangwena regional leadership has expressed dismay about the slow pace at which government vehicles are repaired at Ondangwa.

They were speaking during Works and Transport Deputy Minister Veikko Nekundi's courtesy visit to the office of Ohangwena Governor Sebastian Ndeitunga.

At the meeting, the issue of government cars taking a long time to be serviced at the Ondangwa government garage was high on the agenda.

Some cars allegedly take up to three years to be serviced, leading to poor service delivery to their constituents.

The issue of cars being grounded for too long, turning government garages into dumping grounds for unrepaired vehicles, needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, says the Chairperson of Ohangwena Regional Council, Erickson Ndawanifa.

Ndawanifa also spoke about the need to auction off some of the old government cars to avoid spending a lot of money on fixing them.

On the issue of auctioning cars, Works and Transport Deputy Minister Nekundi said: "We look at the cars and we submit the list to finance; they are the ones who approve what must be auctioned. I think even this month there is an auction of cars, and above all, we are also experiencing several ministries and directorates. I understand you have outstanding bills running into millions that you don't pay when you are using those cars from the government garage. As a result, colleagues at the government garage are complaining they can't buy spare parts because the ministries and agencies that are renting cars from you are apparently not paying."

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Tonateni Haimbodi