The 9th edition of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) games happened  in Oshakati, Oshana region last weekend . 

The games bring together employees and executives from various state-owned enterprises for a weekend of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

The SOE games kicked off with a grand march from town to the sport field where senior executives delivered inspiring speeches. 

Freddy Mwiya from the Namibia Sport Commission highlighted the importance of promoting wellness and reducing stress levels in the workplace through such activities. 

Mwiya praised the diverse range of sport activities available, including Football, Netball, Volleyball, Darts, Pool, Relay races, and Tug of War and commended the high attendance levels at the games in Oshakati. 

"I said to all CEOs that there's a need, that we need to have this type of activities every time. As we know, with 81 state-owned enterprises and 56 to 57 of them, they are very active in this forum. Quite excitement, we've got seven different sports offered here. And I'm very happy that at least, you know, many of them came in numbers, and we're quite excited about what's happening in Oshakati. What has also happened in Oshakati, we need to know about the economic boost to this town'', Mwiya said.

Albert Khevare, the Local Organizing Committee Chairperson from the Public Enterprises CEO's Forum, provided an overview of the activities. 

"The games kicked off exactly at 10 o'clock. We are going to be pushing, we'll be doing all the group games today and tomorrow. And on the third day, we are going to play the finals only so that we finish with the games early and then do the awarding in the afternoon on Saturday. The total number of teams that registered this year or confirmed are 38 in total. Two cancelled, were supposed to be 40. Two could not come on board but nonetheless, we are going to be pushing. We are excited and this is another season, another great tournament that we brought this side of the country " he said.

Jeanette Kamati from Namibia Training Authority expressed her excitement and positive experience at the ongoing SOE games. She mentioned that every team has played a game so far, and the enthusiasm and energy surrounding the event are increasing.

''We wish to win. We were runner-ups last year, so we want to take it this year. I think the teams are putting in the effort. It's bigger this year. We had Rietfonteim last year, it was good. This year, we'll see next year again. But it's wonderful, the turnout is also great. More teams are participating, more participants are coming, so you can see it's growing'' Kamati stated.

Participants like Simataa Mayumbelo from the Social Security Commission shared their experiences, expressing their determination to compete for medals and enjoy the games.

''Our aim is not just to participate but also to carry some medals along the different sports that we are participating in. Let's keep the spirit, we are here to come and enjoy, let's just keep it like that'' he added. 

Elizabeth, a first-time attendee at the SOE games, shared her enthusiasm for the Volleyball games. "It was a challenging game, but I love the experience. I think have fun, enjoy, and remember to socialize because that's why we are here after all" she said.


Photo Credits
Bobby Haikali