The Oshikango -Santa Clara Border Post will now operate 24/7 following the launch on Friday.

This follows an agreement between the Namibia and Angola governments.

The 24/7 operation will allow the movement of people of the two countries at any time.

Ohangwena Governor Sebastian Ndeitunga is confident that the initiative will greatly ease the movement of people, goods and services and minimise illegal crossing among others.

"Opening this border post 24/7 is a significant step towards demonstrating once again the firm commitment of both governments to strengthen our political and economic relations."

He added that Angola and Namibia should consider opening more border posts.

Smuggling of fuel and other goods across the common border also need to be addressed as this denies government's revenue, says Ndeitunga.

Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security Minister Albert Kawana states that opening the border 24/7 will bring about tremendous economic benefits to both countries.

"I also believe that additional measures such as the introduction of national identity documents in place of passports between Namibia and Angola will go a long way to promote unhindered movement of our nationals between our two countries."

He says for both of the countries to reap maximum benefits, Namibia and Angola are working on opening more border crossing areas such as Otjimuhaka.

Dr. Kawana is hopeful that trucks using the border will be cleared speedily regardless of the time of arrival.

Angola's Minister of Interior Eugenio Laborinho expressed his joy about the  24 hour operations at the border post.

"This achievement is translated in equitable commitment to the social and economic development of the country consequently to the southern African regions with the immeasurable gains for all of us."

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Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security


Tonateni Haimbodi