The Kavango West Regional Council is committed to supporting its community members through various initiatives.

Recently, the Council provided assistance to the Greater Hill vegetable gardening project in Namutuntu village in the Mpungu Constituency, which is managed by two young men.

Before receiving this support, the duo relied on two 10-litre watering cans to irrigate their garden.

After recognizing their dedication, the Councillor for the Mpungu Constituency, Titus Shiudifonya, presented their case to the regional council.

In response, the council allocated N$65,000 to purchase a 10,000-litre water tank, two water pumping machines, fertilizers, a drip irrigation system, steel fencing wires, and a piping system to draw water from the river.

"We want to encourage youths to take action instead of just talking. When I first visited their vegetable garden, these two youths were using only two watering cans. Despite this, their production was at its maximum. That's why our office was convinced to make the decision that, no matter the funds we receive, we will not forget these youths.

Titus Shiudifonya Councillor: Mpungu Constituency further encourages the beneficiaries to hire others to help combat unemployment, emphasizing that working as a team will lead to greater achievements.

"This is our current level of production, but we still need more space. What we need from you all is a solar pump so that we can reach our maximum potential. I want you to work together as a team. If you work as a team, I believe your production will increase, and we will continue to support you."

Since its establishment in 2020, the project has found a market in Mpungu, Katwitwi, and Nkurenkuru.

The councillor noted that the project's success with minimal assistance shows that they will achieve even greater harvests with modern equipment.

The Greater Hill expressed gratitude for the assistance, stating that the provision of modern equipment will make their work easier.

Its manager, Ireneus Murenga, encouraged other young people to step out of their comfort zones and combat poverty.