Public Debt Servicing Bill increases


The Public Debt Servicing Bill has increased beyond the levels anticipated in the National Budget.

Finance Minister Iipimbu Shiimi says this is commensurate with a rising debt portfolio coupled with the prevailing tight financial conditions.

Shiimi pointed out that, as a result, interest payments have increased by N$1.7 billion to N$11.8 billion for the 2023–2024 financial year.

This equals 15% of the projected revenues for this financial year.

International Freedom Festival highlights Namibia's commitment to media freedom


Namibia's commitment to transparency and open communication has helped the country remain a beacon for media freedom in Africa.

These were the remarks of the Executive Director in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Dr. Audrin Mathe, who spoke during the opening ceremony of the 10th edition of the International Festival of Freedom of Expression and the Press.

Many journalists in Africa work under difficult conditions, with harassment and threats a daily part of their lives.

Two die in truck collision on Trans Kalahari Highway


Two truck drivers died and one other was injured in a multiple truck collision on the Trans Kalahari Highway in Botswana on Friday.

The Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat (TKCs), says five trucks have been involved in the road crash, caused by poor visibility as a result of a veld fire.

The TKCs confirm that two of the trucks are Namibian registered, while the other two are registered in Botswana.