Culture is not just a collection of traditions and practices, but rather it represents a source of pride that connects people to their roots and history, and offers them a sense of identity. 

These were the words of the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development Evelyn !Nawases-Taeyele at the Olufuko Annual Cultural Festival Gala Dinner at Outapi. 

Culture and traditions are not leftovers of the past, but are in fact living expressions that continue to shape the present and guide the future. 

It is the bond that unites a nation, transcending differences and fostering a sense of belonging within communities. 

Against that background, !Nawases-Taeyele stressed that in a dynamic world increasingly characterised by globalisation and rapid change, preservation of cultural identity becomes more important than ever before.

"Through events like this festival, we do not only showcase the diversity and vibrancy of our traditions but also create opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue and through that enrich our collective experience and deepen our understanding of one another."

She also commended all involved in organising the Olufuko Annual Cultural Festival.

"Let us commit ourselves to upholding the values that define us as people. Let us celebrate the richness of our cultural heritage, embrace the diversity that makes us strong and pledge to pass on this legacy to future generations with pride and reverence."

The Outapi Town Mayor reiterated the role Olufuko festival plays in promoting traditions, beliefs and the shared experiences of communities and society.

"It serves as a platform for preserving and promoting our traditions fostering cultural exchange and celebrating the unique variety of customs and values that define us as a nation.

The festival embodies the spirit if inclusivity, respect and appreciation for our rich cultural mixture, inviting us to embrace our roots and celebrate the beauty of our heritage."

It also serves as a platform to showcase the diversity and beauty of cultural heritage.

Photo Credits
Outapi Town Council


July Nafuka