The United Nations General Assembly President, Dennis Francis commended Namibia for its gender parity in the National Assembly, underscoring the country's commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Dennis Francis addressed a joint Parliament session this afternoon. 

Francis also spoke about the drought situation in Namibia, saying the country does not have adequate fiscal space to cater to the demands of the means of implementation due to its lack of access to affordable climate financing. 

"This is why the conversation on debt sustainability and reform of the international financial architecture is of such pressing importance, loudly echoing in repeated calls by countries in the Global South for meaningful reform of the global architecture."

Reflecting on the shared values between Namibia and the UN , President Francis emphasised the principles of peace, security, and sustainable development that both entities strive to uphold. 

He called for global solidarity and cooperation in tackling pressing challenges such as climate change and economic instability.

"Both the magnitude and urgency of today's challenges and their deleterious impacts on Africa demand that we work in solidarity and unity and with focus and undistracted foresight. I maintain that the United Nations will have totally destroyed its political credibility by pursuing Agenda 2030 on sustainable development and yet left Africa behind and outside the mainstream of global economic dynamism."

Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, highlighted the significance of the General Assembly President's visit.

"As lawmakers, we will continue to play that critical role of oversight to ensure we fast-track the Sustainable Development Goals for the common good of our people. Hence, as a country, we pledge our commitment to ensure that the summit will produce a desirable outcome by producing an equitable 'Pact for the Future."

He stated that Namibia, as part of its parliamentary oversight, will continue to engage with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and relevant UN agencies to ensure the delivery of promises aimed at making the world a better place for global citizens.

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Parliament of the Republic of Namibia


Serafia Nadunya