#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Swapo Party holds mini rally at Mashare


Swapo Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa, is urging the community of Mashare in Kavango East to register for the November elections.

Shaningwa spoke at a mini rally in Rundjarara Village over the weekend.

"The people of Mashare, Kavango East, the people who have been loyal to Swapo Party since independence. The Kavango people. I don't need to lecture you because you know what needs to be done. You have been doing that since independence. I am not seeing many opposition parties here because you are dedicated to the Swapo Party."

 Zambezi residents advised to acquire national documents to vote


Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has advised residents in the Zambezi Region to acquire national documents in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections in November this year.

Sophia Shaningwa said this at a Swapo rally at Kanono in the Sibbinda Constituency.

She emphasised the need to acquire identification documents for those without, saying not only is it important for citizens to be able to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election in November, but that it also gives them access to various government services.

Swapo and Communists parties cement relationship


Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has affirmed that the party will continue to strengthen its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

This statement follows her recent weeklong trip to China, where she led a delegation of the party's Central Committee members to discuss bilateral political relations.

"It is a continuing process that will continue so that the two parties will assist each other up until something happens, but for now we are having that sisterly friendship, and we will continue to respect that on a mutual basis."

Swapo Party members in Kapako accuse leadership of discrimination


Some Swapo Party members in Kapako in the Kavango West Region are accusing the leadership of discrimination and intimidation. 

The SPYL District Secretary for Kapako says, even though Valentinus Munkara was elected as the district coordinator last year, the Secretary General's office recognises Maurus Nekaro instead. A decision that they reject. 

During a media briefing at Kapako over the weekend, SPYL District Secretary of Kapako, Stefanus Kudumo, said the party leadership is undermining the democratic rights of its members. 

Swapo Part SG expresses sorrow at Totemeyer's death


Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has expressed deep sorrow at the passing of Professor Gerhard Totemeyer. 

She described Professor Totemeyer as a freedom fighter who played a pivotal role in the struggle against apartheid, advocating for justice and equality.

His commitment, Shaningwa says, was evident in his involvement with the Swapo Party, where he joined a delegation in Zambia during the liberation struggle. His relentless efforts culminated in the realisation of Namibia's independence.

Moffat Sileze suspended


The Swapo Party Regional Executive Committee in the Zambezi Region has suspended its coordinator, Moffat Sileze, over allegations of missing party funds amounting to N$47,000. The committee revealed this during a media briefing today.

Speaking during the media briefing, Swapo Party Regional Information and Mobilisation Officer Dorothy Kabula stated that Sileze's suspension is effective as of January 27 and that he had been served with the suspension letter.

SPWC amends constitution


Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa inaugurated the amended Constitution of the Swapo Party Women's Council (SPWC) at Omuthiya.

During the 7th Ordinary Congress of the Swapo Party in Windhoek last year, revisions were made to the constitution of the SPWC to align it with the party's framework.

Shaningwa emphasised that the revision of the SPWC constitution serves as a testament to the Swapo Party's unwavering dedication to the advancement of women's emancipation.

Zebra Holdings launches housing project at Osona Village


Stakeholders in the provision of Land and Housing need to join hands and ensure that the right to decent housing is fulfilled and not compromised by greed and selfishness, maximizing profits over the dignity of the Namibian people.

These were the sentiments of the Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa at the official launch of the Zebra Holdings PTY Limited housing project at Osona Village.

Shaningwa urges voters to rally behind party candidate Elias !Kharuxab


The Swapo Party Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa, has urged voters to rally behind the party's candidate, Elias !Kharuxab, in next week's by-election to reclaim the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency.

The seat became vacant following the withdrawal of former Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor Gertjie Witbooi by his former party, Landless Peoples' Movement, earlier this year.

Addressing party supporters at the mini-campaign rally at Koës, Shaningwa urged them to come out in numbers and vote for the party's candidate for the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency.