UNAM champions child research agenda


The University of Namibia (UNAM) is spearheading a Child Research Initiative and Training Conference that aims to promote evidence-based, multi-system child wellbeing approaches and establish a national research agenda on children.

UNAM and the Ministry of Gender Equality aim to highlight the importance of using the right data at the right time to improve the lives and living conditions of children in Namibia.

Stampriet children receive a new ECD centre


The community of Stampriet became the latest beneficiaries of the Anglo-American Foundation Namibia, which constructed a fully-fledged early childhood development centre.

The centre boasts four classrooms, five toilets, a storeroom, a kitchen, and a playground.

Sara Plaaitjie has been the principal of Wisdom Kids Preschool since 2017.

Together with other preschool teachers, they faced problems due to a lack of learning material and inadequate structures, which are not conducive for preschool children.

Angolan children in Namibia’s corridors under discussion


Namibia's Ambassador to Angola, Patrick Nandago, says the issues of the alleged Angolan children roaming around the streets of Windhoek and the northern parts of the country are a security concern.

Ambassador Nandago noted that the issue is being discussed by both countries to establish their origins and find a lasting solution.

Namibia, Angola governments in contact over plights of Angolan children


Legal practitioner Kadhila Amoomo is calling for the urgent establishment of a dedicated team to address the issue of Angolan children on the country's streets.

Amoomo calls for the commissioning of an investigation team to establish the details of these children and the way forward to get them off the streets.

He says interim measures should be put in place to make provision for feeding programmes, housing, education, and, most importantly, psychological support.

Road safety crucial at schools


The end of a school day often brings chaos to roads close to schools and difficulty for drivers navigating them.

With children crossing roads in undesignated areas and a lack of road safety education among young people, the risk of accidents increases.

The nbc News team embarked on a journey to explore road safety from a children's perspective and raise awareness about the importance of equipping children with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe on the roads.

Parents advised not to label their children as failures


Swakopmund Constituency Councillor Louisa Kativa urged parents and guardians not to label their children as failures, as it can affect the children's potential.

Kativa says the way parents or other adults label a child can have a lasting effect on how that child thinks of himself or herself.

She says when a child is called names, that becomes part of his or her identity and does more harm than good.

Children warned against swimming in sewer ponds


Grootfontein Mayor Talitha Garises has warned parents to always ensure that they know the whereabouts of their children, as many are said to be flocking to the town's sewer ponds to swim.

Garises cautioned that the children risk contracting waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera from swimming in the ponds.

There have been cases of children drowning in sewer ponds, such as the recently reported incident at Otavi, where a nine-year-old boy died in a sewer pond.

Parents urged to get involved in their children's education


In an emphatic call to action, Zambezi Regional Education Director Jost Kawana is advocating for heightened parental involvement in their children's education.

Stressing its importance, he urges parents to engage actively from the outset of the academic year in January, right through to the conclusion of end-of-year examinations. Kawana emphasises the crucial role of parents, equating their responsibilities with those of teachers and education officials, and encourages them not to set any limitations on their involvement.

Two children escape shack fire


Two children were lucky to emerge alive after a shack fire broke out at the One Nation informal settlement in Windhoek's Tobias Hainyeko Contiuency on Monday afternoon.

The two children, aged three and ten, were reportedly on their own when the incident occurred.

According to neighbours, they noticed smoke coming from the shack and screams from passersby that the dwelling was burning.

The neighbours attempted to extinguish the fire but to no avail.

Attempts to put out the fire were in vain, and no household goods could be salvaged.

1647 children in Kunene Region benefit from Project Never Walk Alone


1647 barefooted children in the Kunene Region will each receive a brand new pair of shoes this weekend through the Project Never Walk Alone initiative.

The founder of the 2-year-old project, Tim Ekandjo, says the project represents the dreams and aspirations of every barefoot child in Namibia who wishes to walk and pursue their dreams in the Namibian House.

Of the 1647 brand-new pairs of Namibian-made leather shoes, the Outjo circuit has been selected for the first phase in the region.