President Nangolo Mbumba has called for professional partnerships between Namibian businesses and Chinese counterparts in the health sector. 

Dr. Mbumba received a courtesy call from the delegation from AIDEA Pharma, a high-tech pharmaceutical company, at State House.

Among others, the China-based AIDEA Pharma company aims to accelerate drug innovation with a rigorous scientific attitude. 

According to Dr. Heliang Fu, the chairman of AIDEA Pharma, the strong focus is on the major diseases that seriously threaten human health. 

AIDEA Pharma has an interest in collaborating with Namibian institutions, including higher education and businesses.

President Mbumba wants collaborations to move beyond the talking stages and for tangible benefits to be visible in the health sector.

"We will be happy to hear that you have found a programme or a particular research project to work on, a product, or a place to work. NUST is there, and with the promotion of your own efforts, those who are responsible for international relations and new programmes should be able to help us. We really need things to happen, not just things to be talked about, and for that, we will be very happy, not for our sake but for young people who are going to grow up in a country where research is possible, medicine is available, and proper health conditions are there."

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Blanche Goreses