Justice Minister Yvonne Dausab has emphasised the importance of lawmakers ensuring that laws are clearly translated and understood before passing.

Dausab was speaking during the Commonwealth Law Reform Training underway in Windhoek.

Simplifying the law, Dausab asserts, aids in comprehending the objectives of the legislation.

The Justice Minister emphasised the significant role of legislative drafters and law reformers, noting that drafters dedicate considerable time to comprehending and articulating the underlying policies of proposed laws.

Additionally, Dausab suggested the establishment of an annual national legislative agenda to provide ample time for drafters and ensure clarity regarding Namibia's legislative priorities.

Furthermore, the ministry has proposed that every proposed law be accompanied by a written policy to prevent confusion and uncertainty.

The Commonwealth Secretariat is hosting a law reform training workshop in response to a request from the Justice Minister for technical assistance in legislative drafting and law reform. 

The Secretariat supports the strengthening of rule-of-law institutions by providing technical assistance, developing policies and tools, and enhancing capacities and skills.

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Ministry of Justice Namibia


Celma Ndhikwa