The Swapo Party Women Council (SPWC) held its second annual committee meeting in the Kunene Region, where its secretary, Fransina Kahungu, urged the members to unite and ensure that members from different communities register to vote. 

Kahungu encouraged fellow women to assist the community in obtaining the right documentation that will enable them to vote in November.

"If the person does not have the Namibian identity documents, even if she or he is 18 years of age or older, she or he will not be able to register to become a voter; worse yet, he or she will not be able to go and vote because, number one, there are no Namibian identity documents and number two, there is no voter card; therefore, can you see how we are losing? So it's our responsibility."

She said members of the council should assist without expecting favours.

"As a SPWC regional coordinator in your area, how do you assist? We were taught here that even with registration, you must start from home. How do you assist your people inside, your neighbours, or are you only helping the people whom you think will vote for you? There is a disease. There is a disease of some people helping those, but they are not helping; they are buying favours. I think they are buying favours. You must stop buying favours, comrades."

Speaking at the meeting, Kunene Governor Marius Sheya applauded the Swapo Party Women Council  and reminded the women's wing of its responsibility to ensure that every community member has registered  to vote.

"So the first exercise all of us need to partake in is to ensure that everybody gets registered irrespective of which political party they support, and then after August, I am sure when they see your car, they say this is the comrade who took me to the registration point, and they will not hesitate to listen to you when you say whom to vote."

He emphasised the now-popular slogan "the future is female," urging women to be proud of taking up spaces in leadership positions. 



MICT Kunene